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Kaysville, Utah's Preferred Accountant & Bookkeeper

BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping is a full-service accounting and bookkeeping firm. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of accounting and QuickBooks expertise at a price they can afford. 

We help business owners know where their earnings are going, help them identify and cut back in wasteful areas, and identify and maximize profits. They are finding that a small investment in their accounting has far greater returns than expected. They are able to return their focus to what they do best, building their business.

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Accounting and bookkeeping suited to your needs

QuickBooks set up, clean up, data entry, account reconciliations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, audits, reporting on your schedule

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We are here for you. We'll respond to your requests quickly and help your business thrive. We are ready to earn and keep your business.

"Seriously, you guys are the best. You enabled me to get my life back AND make more money. :)"


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