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When you started your business in or near Kaysville, Utah, you were undoubtedly focused on serving your customers and may not have had much time to think about bookkeeping and accounting services. The good news is, while only you know what’s best for your business, we here at BookSmarts Bookkeeping & Accounting know how to take care of the financial aspects of running your company for you.



In fact, many people are unclear about the differences between bookkeeping and accounting services and may even think these terms are interchangeable. But they are actually different.

Bookkeeping is a specific group of monthly tasks that prepare your books for financial analysis, in combination with an accountant’s review and analysis at month-end. CPA’s (Certified Public Accountants) can also provide monthly bookkeeping services, but bookkeeping is a more cost-effective solution for monthly accounting services.  BookSmarts ensures that every client has an experienced accountant involved in the monthly process of bookkeeping.  Our accountants work in conjunction with your CPA at tax time to provide the best of both services for your company.

Here at our accounting company, our employees are experienced bookkeepers & accountants.  We have extensive experience as CPA’s, in corporate accounting, taxation, and auditing.

Retaining an Account Bookkeeping Company

When you start a business, whatever that business is, most of your efforts go to fulfilling your obligations and growing your business. This is a necessary part of success. Whatever your idea is, it needs your vision to succeed.

The same is not true of business accounts and receivables. In the United States, we have accepted methods of accounting that are standardized. And while every business is different, these same methods generally apply to each one.

That’s how we here at BookSmarts of Kaysville get to be experts in bookkeeping and accounting services. We benefit from employing bookkeepers and accountants with the best education and the most experience, so we can offer you the best services.


Some tasks are easier to delegate than others. Bookkeeping and accounting services are specialized and we are trained to do them.  You hire experienced professionals for marketing, planning, strategy, hiring, and even manufacturing and ordering.   It follows that you should hire professionals for your accounting as well.  Your business will be healthiest as you build a team that can perform at peak efficiency and knowledge.  

A huge benefit of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping is that the knowledge needed to keep your financial records resides in a “brain trust” of people.  At BookSmarts we have two accountants trained on your specific account so that you never lose time or money in employee turnover or training. This also ensures that your needs are met any time you need anything, with no service lags for time off or illness.  

Colleagues Working in Office


As an entrepreneur, you may have been handling your small-business bookkeeping and accounting tasks yourself, or you may have delegated the job out to an employee. While it is easy enough to show someone how to make entries in a ledger or write checks, this is not the same as hiring a professional to take care of these and other important related tasks.

A bookkeeper will be able to complete your administrative tasks quickly and correctly, but more importantly, they will be able to free up your employees to work on other tasks that are more directly related to their jobs — and to your business and its growth.  As a business owner, your time is most valuable working on the health and growth of your business.


Accounting is a four-year degree program because it takes time to learn and master. And as important as that degree is, it is only part of the equation. Another critical aspect of being a top-notch business accountant is experience.


Accountants must be well-versed in not only all the tasks and processes involved in the job at hand, but also in what specific actions can serve the businesses they work with.


As a business owner, when you hire a professional accountant, you are not only trusting them to handle the financial aspects of your business, but you are also contracting with them to provide you with the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years. 

Office Desk



Our accountants have saved the businesses we have worked with thousands of dollars over the years through their extensive knowledge of and experience with accounting principles. 

Working with an experienced accounting services firm saves you money not just because it gives you time to concentrate on growing your business, but also because you may not be aware of all the minutiae and technical aspects of accounting that can play a role in improving your company’s bottom line. This is where our accounting company really shines. We can show you exactly where and how we saved you money each year, and frequently the amount is equal to a fair portion of our fee.  

When you consider the resources that our services free up for you and your employees to concentrate on serving your customers, getting new ones, improving your product, and other aspects of growing your business, hiring BookSmarts will be by far the best decision you have ever made for your business!



Another reason many businesses use our services is to ensure that taxes are paid correctly and on time. This is a critical part of running a business, and a mistake in this area can cost thousands of dollars.

A sole proprietorship must pay its federal and state taxes quarterly, but a business with employees must make payments every pay cycle. And it’s not just federal and state taxes — this also includes Social Security taxes (your portion and your employees’), Medicare payments, county taxes and possibly others.

If you run a 401(k) program, that’s another layer of deductions that must be made every pay period. Further, your employees may opt for individual deductions, such as portions that go directly to a separate savings account, union dues, IRAs and more. Plus, they may have portions of their pay deducted they didn’t opt for, such as wage garnishments for unpaid taxes, child support or other debts.

All these add up to a lot of extra responsibility. That’s one reason so many companies have opted to use BookSmarts’ full service payroll.  You enter hours and run payroll, and we’ll process your tax payment, file quarterly reports, and submit new hire paperwork.  All this brings you peace of mind and more free time.

Business Meeting

Rely on Booksmarts

As a business owner, you have a lot to worry about, and you don’t want to have to devote time to thinking about whether your taxes are being paid correctly and on time. At the same time, as mundane as this task appears to be, if it is not done, you open yourself up to unnecessary stress and even liability. You could face fines, lawsuits and even imprisonment if your taxes are not paid in a timely manner.


No one wants to lose sleep over problems like this. That’s why they put their trust in our accounting company. We take care of all your financial administrative tasks, and we save you money in the process. 


You have nothing to lose — you can only gain by calling BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping of Kaysville, Utah.

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