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Thorough, Timely, and Professional

"BooksmartsPro has always been helpful and prompt in getting us our monthly accounting reports. They have followed up (and even kindly "bird-dogged" us when necessary) if there has been missing information in our financial records. At year-end, they have prepared all the necessary reports for us to electronically transfer to our tax preparation CPA's. It is a load off our plates and minds to have BookSmartsPro on our side!"

"Our bookkeeper has helped us keep a close eye on our medical billing company. On top of dependable bookkeeping they have saved us thousands by finding errors from our biller."

Saved me tons of money

Couldn't Run My Business Without BookSmarts

"It is so nice to be able rely on the staff at BookSmarts account to handle all bookkeeping and payroll services. I never worry about all of the tax forms and filings that are due each month because BookSmarts takes care of it all. I can focus on running my business and bringing in fees and not wasting my time trying to do something I am not proficient in and constantly worrying I have forgotten something or not done something correctly. I would highly recommend business owners use the quality and affordable services BookSmarts Accounting provides so they can focus on what they do best."

great service

"We have used Jenny's services for years and have found them to be accurate, accessible, reliable and professional. We have relied on them to help us through some challenging business problems and they have bailed us out a number of times with their attention to detail. Our direct contact has been phenomenal."

Reliable, Accurate and Flexible

"I've worked with several accountants in the past and Jenny is absolutely the best in every way. Reliable and accurate. They knew exactly what they were doing and were able to keep me on the straight and narrow. Plus, they're flexible and personable. I highly recommend them."

Community Support

"Donated services are the life blood of non-profit organizations. Jenny and her very professional team have supported our humanitarian efforts for the last 3 years without compensation! They have been remarkable...making it possible for us to distribute more computers and training to refugees and others in need. They are pleasant, attentive, and very professional in providing our monthly and year-end financial statements. Hats off to a great team and for their kindness in providing this charitable service to the community."

Controller Services

"I’m just glad you guys saved me from myself when you did. I’m not 1/10th as good at books as you are, or 1/10th as fast. All I know is that my quality of life went up quite a bit when I hired you! :)"


"Jenny and her team are lifesavers. I run a small business and completely rely on Booksmarts to be my de facto finance department. They are knowledgeable, professional, reliable and thorough. When it comes to anything financial or accounting related, I don't manage them, they manage me! I highly recommend Jenny's services."

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